Thunderous Roar (雷のような怒り, Kaminari no yōna ikari) or Thunderous Rage in the Japanese translation, is a weather-type magick ability introduced and exclusively for the Elementalist class. It is known to be a Lightning-elemental damaging ability which may inflicts Stagger to a single unit.

In the series, Thunderous Roar is highly similar yet composite to most Thunder class magicks, it has greater resemblance between Thundara and Thundaga. Thunderous Roar is much more forked, strained very likely of jellyfishes' stingers. The sound created by them is much more louder, as if to compliment the magick.

Thunderous Roar magick has the base power of 55, it's power varies on the target's altitude. The ability may inflicts greater yet heavier damage on a single enemy varies on their current positional altitude. Thunderous Roar can be reflected , yet it can be Magick Countered but not Rebound.


  • Thunderous Roar sound effect may be as loud as Thundaja if leveled up.
  • Hence their name, Thunderous Roar ability is based from it's glory by the Elementalist jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
  • Thunderous Roar's original additional effect is actually Silence, but changed to Stagger for Silence was the pseudonal effect between muted and deaf. Since thunders are mostly sound based, their sound are high enough to inflicts deafness, eventually muteness.