The Trauma (外傷, Gaishō) is a type of problematic debuff most notably to makes the unit unable to do almost anything.

The effect may only be inflicted to opposing party. 


Trauma would makes the unit to be unable to be controlled, they will not attack and instead would cower down frightened by their surroundings. Only their allies can help them, even the slightest disturbance by other things will makes them petrified with fear.

Any Stagger, Knockback, Flinch effects will instantaneously makes them Downed . In the game, "Trauma" refers to the predicate, but any units under it is called "Traumatized" as it is an adjective.


  • Although somewhat derived by the trauma mental condition, Trauma is actually based from some certain games with missions that need to rescue or protect someone's who is feeble. They are constantly scared, which gave idea to the Trauma debuff.