Umbra Style or Shadow Style (本影のスタイル, Hon kage no sutairu) is a combo ability which is highly exclusive for Elementalists. Some monsters and boss enemy also adapted it and somewhat becomes their special skill. It is regarded as a set-up for a much more distinctive and passive Dark-elemental combo attacks.


Umbra Style has a power of 13(Attack) while 70(Dark), making it has full force of 90 in total( [10% of element] + Attack +Element). It is set to have the outmost maximum combo hits of 5 for Elementalists while random number for it's other adapt users. It is the Elemental Style to have the highest power. The hit range is varies by the user's size, added with the Evil Gaze magick original range's(7 ft - 15 ft for Marryl).

Umbra Style consists of seven combo attacks. The first strike is that the Elementalist force palm their way to the target in front of them while successively continued with another force palm by their other hand. The third hit is that the user performs a double smack to the target rendering to pulverizes them, the hit style is Blasting, which may damage any enemies in a small area. The fourth strike is the user uppercuts the enemy, the hit style is Uppercut, which may brings the target up in mid-air. The fifth and last hit is that the Elementalist kicks the target while perfoming a backward sommersault, the user will be knockbacking the target while distancing themself from them after the kick.


  • Even though that Umbra Style has Evil Gaze elements in it, the property of it is derived from the element, not the literal appearance.
  • Even so, performing the combo hits will makes some 'evil sparks' and 'evil fangs' flies.