Water (水, Mizu? is a recurring element in the School Fare series. It is one of the earliest elements introduced. Instead, Water-elemental magicks and abilities are purely formed from the basic liquid, that is water.

Water is often in a form of splashes or torrents of water. Water elements always leaves the targets with Soaked or even Enervation if they are inflicted long enough or by an extraordinarily powerful Water-elemental ability.

Water is the opposition of Fire and Lightning , while has a high relation with Ice and Weather .

Water always inflicts either Soaked to Fire , Earth and Amazon property units, while Douse and Soaked simultaneously to Fire .

Water-elemental units are weak to Lightning , which shocks them(random stat reduction) and even inflicts Slowed or Electrocute on them.

Water spells which are still spouting in mid air can be easily stopped by Ice-elemental abilities. While Amazon can absorbs them while Lightning will zaps from anywhere it splashes from.

Water-elemental effects are dramatically weaker at dry, drought areas like the deserts.

Water-elemental damages will cause Douse and Soaked to any Burn or Phoenix status targets while also removing that status(es).

Water elements deals lesser damage to targets inflicted with Wax and Oiled status.

Water-elemental heals Water elemental target with half power, they also increases their Dodge, Evade and Resilience.

Although Water elemental damages deals solely Water damage, some of them may be improved with the simultaneous colision with Weather or Lightning damage.