Whirlwind Style or Cyclone Style (旋風のスタイル, Senpū no sutairu) is a combo ability which is highly exclusive for Elementalists. Although that some versions of Whirlwind Style are yet also adapted by several monsters like Oust, Gillian and Sevrant. It is regarded as a set-up for a much more distinctive and passive Fire-elemental combo attacks.


Whirlwind Style has a power of 25(Attack) while 50(Wind), making it has full force of 80 in total( [10% of element] + Attack +Element). It is set to have the outmost maximum combo hits of 7 for Elementalists while random number and varies for it's other adapt users. It is also the only Elemental Style to have the most combo hits. The hit range is varies by the user's size, added with the Shining Air magick original range's(3 ft - 13 ft for Marryl).


Whirlwid Style consists of seven combo attacks. The first strike is that the Elementalist force palms their way while dashing to the target, it may knockback the target also. The second hit is a harsh chop which the Elementalist jumps a bit and lands the blow. The third and fourth hit is a successive combo in which the user karate and kicks the target in front of them while continued by the fifth combo with a pound immediately after the kick. The sixth strike is having the Elementalist uses their left hand to slap while spins to the right while performing a backlash seventh hit in which the user performs a joint stab to the enemy.


  • Among all of the Elemental Styles, the Whirlwind Style is one of the few which heavily based on Aang's airbending moves in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Although that is it heavily allusion to the airbending moves in Avatar: The Last Airbender, the moves don't assists the user to land and jump like the Airbenders.